Michigan Rock Supplier – Natural Seawalls and Retaining Walls

Michigan Rock Supplier – Natural Seawalls and Retaining Walls

MI Seawalls is a landscape stone supply company based in Three Rivers, Michigan. MI Seawalls supplies a wide range of Boulders, wall rocks, limestone, granite, cobble stone and a large assortment of garden stones and boulderoutcropping rocks and landscape supplies. Landscape boulders have become the #1 choice for retaining walls, waterfalls and sea walls. Boulders are the #1 selling natural landscaping stone in Michigan, We deliver boulders daily all across Michigan and Indiana.

We dig our own Michigan fieldstone granite boulders, and have delivered millions of pounds of rock throughout Michigan and Indiana.

So before your next landscape project, get a price from us for all your landscaping rock, boulders and landscape supplies.

One of the services that MI Seawalls Company takes great pride in is designing and building natural sea walls in Michigan. Sea walls act as a protection buffer between your shoreline property and the endless waves from boats and personal watercraft that can cause soil erosion and damage to your waterfront.

Our fieldstone for these custom projects comes directly from decades’ to century old stone piles our family’s Sesquicentennial farm in St. Joseph County. Not only are you getting a getting a naturally beautiful sea wall for your lakefront property, you are getting a bit of 150 year-old heritage from our family as well.

We would love to speak with you and come out and walk your shoreline together. We also have our own photos of completed sea wall projects that we can share with you as well. We want to work closely with you to design the waterfront of your dreams that is unique to your family and truly enhances the natural beauty of your property.


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